I thought I would ask which will be more powerful in terms on gigaflops. I know that with AMD motherboards it is possible to have quad sockets where as with intel montherboards you can only have dual sockets on your motherboard. So if you were to compare the latest processors on the date 1/12/2012 then which would be more powerful and more efficient when comparing the AMD quad socket to the intel dual socket. Also what sort of specs are speculated for the biggest processors due by 1/12/2012.

In case your wondering why I ask it is because I am going to be buying one of these babies and I want to be able to render high definition images on progressive path tracing render. In addition I like to process large algorithms which take up enormous cpu like a project I have done recently with my i7 cpu which was when I downloaded the wikipedia project and a few of the other wikimedia projects along with the guttenberg project and put them into a database for processing so that a user can place into a textbox a question and the computer will be able to answer the question in a 2048 character or less string by filtering the database by relivence. Obviously I didn't have the cpu but am waiting for these new cpu releases the come out so I can use such algorithms that I produce. So please descuss on regards to the original question. Thanks. :)

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Its almost on par with the 2600k, and just a touch cheaper than the 2600k, I waited for months for them to come out as I had plan for a rendering farm using them, on paper, 8 x 3.6GHz sound like a dream for the price, but then, the term 'you get what you pay for' came out so true, sticking with our Q9650s until Ivy.

Maybe you should look at a few comparisons.

I was hoping to buy one of the Bulldozer cpu's, but looking at some of the results, I will be sticking with my 1090T 6 core.


The link provided tests the AMD 990FX however doesn't the AMD Bulldozer include AMD's version of hyper-threading along with better caching, lower power consumption and higher clock speeds? Thanks.

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