Hello ,

I think this is my first post on this web site.

I have Pentium Dual Core 2.66 Ghz processor and 1 GB ddr1 533mhz Ram, So I purchased intel D102GGC2 board and assemble everything.

I don't know why but after everything completed, Processor is going very high temp. Even When I see in bios, temperature is increasing very fast and stick around 70 'C degree.

So I changed CPU Fan still same, after that I changed SMPS but still same situation.

I don't know reason so I think lets put here..

Please help me to find out reason. If motherboard has a problem then I can replace. SO please reply fast. I will reply fast too.

Thanks in Advance.

Help would be really appreciated.

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did you apply thermal compond/paste on the cpu before installing the heatsinc/fan

As caperjack suggested, verify that you have properly applied thermal conducting paste/tape between the CPU and heatsink. Also, make sure that the motherboard is not driving the CPU faster than it's rated speed. CPU temperatures much over 50C are not good. My memory temperature is usually higher than that, but they start to flake out much over 100C. I try to keep them under 80C or so.

this fast

Sorry for late reply.
Actually I was out of station and can't access Daniweb.

I applied thermal compound perfectly, even I tried another fan & Heatsink for this.

Nothing worked.

Someone told me that procesor has problem, So I tested same processor with another system (Dell Optiplex GX520) and its working very well and cool too. Still I am trying to get another same processor and will check again. (finger crossed )

Thanks guys for your help.

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