Hi all,
Problem: Send mail is configured in my system and now i want to write a shell script using which i can send mail to my rediffmail account.

Its little urgent & i will be very thankful if someone send me the code.
Sanjeev Kumar(sanju456@rediffmail.com)


You don't need to write shell script for this one. You can do it in command line itself.

echo "This is mail body" | mail -s "This is subject" mail_ID@somedomain.com


cat mail_body_file.txt | mail -s "This is subject" mail_ID@somedomain.com

how to send autometic mail usins Linux shell script

You have already been told - just use the mail command to do what you want to do, nested in the logic you want it done for.

For instance, the following will check to see if a file exists every 3 minutes. If the file exists, it will e-mail the contents of the file to mail_ID@somedomain.com and then move the file to another location (so that the same file is not sent again).

while [1]
 if [ -f /path/to/file ]
    cat /path/to/file | mail -s "This is subject" mail_ID@somedomain.com
    mv /path/to/file /path/to/somewhere/else
sleep 180

You will need to have an e-mail server installed on the machine. Otherwise, there is a perl script out there called "sendemail.pl" that you can probably google - this script will allow you to bounce the email off a relay server - an actual SMTP server such as exchange.

... Just now realizing how old the original request is - too much typing to turn back now.

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