how do i do this problem

how do i put this in to an array

 p.assign(p1, A);
            p.assign(p1, B);
            p.assign(p2, _A);
            p.assign(p2, _B);

so that it display as

p1 A B
p2 _A _B

because everytim i call the assign method the array index are going to be 0,0 how do i make it reference to the first variable

as in
in side the class
Proxy p = new Proxy();
p1 & p2 = instance of processor and
A B _ & _B = instnce of track amanger

please send your assign method code it needs to be chnaged so that based on P size and availablity it assigns to right index

{int  x=0,  y = 0;

        private Processor[ ] processArray;
        private TrackManager[] trackManagerArray;

        public Proxy()
            processArray = new Processor[4];
            trackManagerArray = new TrackManager[4];

        public void  setIndexX( int X)
           this.x = X;
         public void  setIndexY( int Y)
           this.y = Y;
         public int getX()
             return x;
         public int getY()
             return y;
        public void assign(Processor p1, TrackManager A)
            int x1 = getX();
            int y1 = getY();


            processArray[x1] = p1;
            trackManagerArray[y1] = A;


there should be a better way that what i am doing

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