this is practice is require to create 3 class
when I click load button I should get flight number ,day,time, destanation , pilot , co pilot
I should get this
every thing seem to be right I didn't get any red lines , but I can't find where is the problem at class it worked , but now I don't know what happen. is there something worng with the data file or the code
this is the form code
this is the first class
this is the second class
and I'm still working with the third class

I'm not going to check all those external links, and I imagine there are more of us thinking that way. could you please post the relevant code here in separate code blocks, so we know what the different classes are?

While I share stultuske's misgivings about external links, I went ahead and looked anyway - foolish, perhaps. Anyway, I noticed something that would not be evident if you had simply posted the code here, so you are fortunate that I did.

What I noticed is the compiler output that follows the code for Assignment3Form. Despite what you said earlier, it is clear that the code does not compile correctly - it depends on two more classes, Pilot and FlightSchedule, which you haven't written yet, and it does not find the two classes you have written in any case, probably because you haven't put them into a single file with the same name as the package, assignment3. For that matter, it complains that the filename does not match the name of the public class, something that is absolutely required in Java. So, it is safe to say that the program is not yet in a workable state.

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