When i mahe setup using setup and deployment wizard it make the setup perfectly but when i try to install it gives me error what is the best way to make a setup and run it perfectlly please help.

What kind of error do you get? Is the error appearing WHILE you are installing or after installation and you try to run the application?

When i try to install it gives me message some file are old version like 1999 reboot your system to update these files when i reboot my system it does nothing the problem is same.

Re-compile your application and create a new setup file. During the setup wizard, the system will automatically pick up on old files. You will be asked to keep these files, click on OK and continue. Try to install the app again.

Can we make setup by using any other Software???????

Yes, just search google for installer applications. Here is a sample - Sample

Thanks i would try and then would inform you about the situation

Its a pleasure. Happy coding.:)