I'm using a MinGW compiler. Anyone know how to fix this error. I found something on the web where the flag should have a macro such as CXX_HAS_CSTDDEF but this is for a different compiler. What should I use for MingW is this is the problem? Is this common??

In file included from C:\podofo-0.9.1\src/base/PdfDefines.h:31,
                 from C:\podofo-0.9.1\src\doc\podofo-doc.rc:2:
C:\podofo-0.9.1\src/base/PdfCompilerCompat.h:37:21: error: cstddef: No such file
 or directory
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I can see the file cstddef in the directory C:\CodeBlocks\MinGW\lib\gcc\mingw32\4.4.1\include\c++.

Still it's telling me it's not there?????


This error is due to a bug in later versions of CMAKE I've since doscovered (with help from others on this forum). I was using CMAKE 2.8.9 and have now switched back to CMAKE 2.8.3 . This error no longer comes up and the software I'm trying to build, now builds to 100%.

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