I got another question. I am passing an array of characters to a function, but when i get into the function, before doing anything I want to make sure that the array was passed in correctly so I attempt to print the contents and it does nothing. So i assume it did not get passed correctly. The array has stuff in it, beacause i checked it before passing it as an actual parameter to the function call. here is the code:

Function Call:
ValidWords := IsolateWords(FormattedInput, SizeOfArray);

Function Definition (NOT COMPLETE):

FUNCTION IsolateWords (VAR UpperCaseWords:Line; ArraySize:integer):Line;
                           writeln('inside the IsolateWords function.');
                           writeln('Contents of UpperCaseWords',UpperCaseWords);

where Line = PACKED ARRAY [0..79] of char ;
and FormattedInput is of type Line

Printing UpperCaseWords in the function should output the same values as FormattedInput prior to the function call, but it does not.
Can anyone please help me?
Thanks for any help

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