Hi All,

On my form I have a datagrid. From this form I initialise a new instance of my data access class and using a dataadapter I return a datatable from my sql server database.

The datatable is then set as the datasource for my binding source and intrurn the binding source is set as the datasource of my datagrid.

Selected grid rows are then sent to a subform for editing (I pass the bindingsource component in the Form New Constructor and bind text box controls to the binding source)

So far so good.

My problem is what approach I adopt to commit the data back to the database after editing as there is no update command set on my bindingsource? Please does anyone have any advise on the best approach?
Many Thanks

Use Update commond on Update Button to update data.

Qurey = "Update Tabename Set column2 =' "& TextBox1.Text &" ' , column2 =' "& textbox2.text &" ' where column_Id= '"& TextBox3.text &" ' "