Hi:) Would any of you know how to solve one of the following problems? I dont't care which one!!

  1. Write a program that reads in student marks until –1 is entered then display the highest mark, the lowest mark, and the class median.

  2. Setting up matches for a single elimination tournament is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is randomly assign the first round of games and the rest is all deterministic (there are no more choices to make) Create a program that allows the user to enter as many names as he or she wants and display the random pairings for the first round. If there are an odd number of players then add in a player called "Bye" Your program should display the results in a nice neat table.

  3. I re-played all of your trivia programs for about eight hours last weekend and I just don't feel that much smarter (maybe a little smarter with Pokemon). I want you to make another trivial program, but this time I want the information to be more useful. Since Canada's Confederation in 1867 there have been 28 terms of office for Prime Minister, and some of the prime ministers have served multiple terms. Create a program that quizzes the user's knowledge of Canadian prime ministers. Ten times your program will give the user the term number, and the dates of the term and the user will give the last name of the prime minister. Tell them what percentage they got right and give a comment that reflects their level of knowledge.

Is this a school project? And you expect us to do your assignment for you, we can only assist you so show us your code :)