Recently while watching a show online in bed my laptop decided that it had enough of this world and threw itself off the nightstand. Upon trying to turn the laptop back on after a few minutes I get the error of either some wires came unblocked or faulty hardware and it can't boot up. My thought is that I've killed my hard drive and lost everything I had on it. However to test this theory I removed the hard drive and stuck it in my external hot swap and the drive shows up with my main partition as well as my recovery partition (factory default hard drive). I can access the files on the recovery partition however I'm informed by windows that I have to format the main partition to use it. My question is, is there a way to "fix" the drive or partion so that I can access my files as formating it would lose the information.

i think you were right the first time ,damaged the harddrive ,did you try running chkdsk on it ,right click o nthe drives icon in mycomputer and go properties /tools and check the disk

not yet, as everytime I try to right click on the drive windows explorer freezes up on me but I am trying to run chkdsk from cmd and see what happens that way now. I shall re-post when I have an answer. Thank you.

I'm guessing I busted my drive, the chkdsk is still running as I have 428736 records to process but I got the error message "File record segment 516 is unreadable." I also got the error for FRS 517, 518, and 519. As I said though it's still going so I'm not sure it it's fully busted or not.

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