my hard disk is crashed by some resone and i want to recover a folder from it how can i recover it plz help me that folder is very imp for me

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When you say the hard disk crashed what exactly do you mean? What exactly happened?
Is it still readable? Does it show up at all?
We need a bit of information to work with here.

i actually don't know what exactly happen what my brother did to pc so hard disk is crashed may be it is readable i just want to know their eis any solution or not to recover my folder

Does it spin up? Does the Windows Disk Manager (diskmgmt.msc) recognize it as a disk? Does it list any partitions?

Depending on the degree of "crashness", SpinRite might be able to recover something. Hard to say without more information. It's like saying your car crashed and asking us if it can be repaired without showing us the extent of the damage.

@reverend jim
it not spin up and diskmgmt.msc not recognized and i remove that hard disk and i have to buy a new hard disk for my pc so now you can understand what is the issue with my hard disk i just want one folder out from it

One thing I have found that has a low probability of working, but has worked for me - take the hard drive and put it in the freezer, or cool it down with one those compressed air cleaners (hold the can upside down so it sprays liquid on the drive).

While the drive is cold try spinning it up (an external USB connection would be best). It may buy you time to get the data off. Like I said, a small chance this will work but it's better than no chance.

I've had hard drives that wont boot up but still spin when powered. What i've done in the past is connect the hard drive to a working system using an IDE/USB connector. Depending on the failure this may or may not allow you to access the drive.

If you do this, you have to look in Disk Management to see if the drive is recognized. It may be recognized as a foreign disk which would just need to be imported and initialized to get it working.

If this process fails, there are many 3rd party companies out there that have expertise in data recovery. You would ship your drive to them and they would attempt to recover the data. Be aware that these services are not inexpensive, but if this data is very important to you, you may want to look into that option.

if its tottly crashed not working than you neet to go for a technitions

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