I wanna know how i can make a .net form with textboxes allow me to enter variables and have them trasnfer to a webpage's.. For example i have a form with textboxes for say name, last name, birthdate, password. I wanna enter those variables on the form and have them fill out the form on the webpage. How can i do this?

Are you calling the web page from your application?

I want to do that, using httpwebrequests on richtextbox

Unless there is a easier way to do this, let me know please

I dont think you can call httpwebrequest on textbox. try using webbrowser control in your application. And pass all the variables through querystring to the calling webpage or find any other good methods to pass.

Can you give me an example how thats done if you can? i'm just beginning to learn so i don't know alot

I have question here.. What is the need to open a webpage through windows app?

I want to be able to create accounts faster then having to fill out the page manually. So this app will allow me to fill in variables through textboxes which are passed to the webpage and then i'll be able to create the accounts on that webpage without having to type in the all the information over and over again. Do you understand what i'd like to do now?

In windows form also user has to enter the name, last name etc right? Then how this approch help you in making it fast?

Because you'll only have to type that info in once and it'll be saved (also I'll be using the same info for each account) then you can keep clicking on create... get it?

If i was to go to yahoo's registration page i'd have to fill out the registration info for each account everytime. Where if i have my .net form use pre-filled textboxes with the required info i could fill it out once and not have to keep doing filling it out.

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