I am trying to get this Skew double animation working but for some reason nothing is happening when it is called by the Dispatch timer, i would be very greatful of any advice as i am not getting any errors or anything of that sort.

What i would like to happen is to skew the image to the boundry, followed by a reverse and repeat.

public static void Grass2(Canvas canvas, int boundry)
        foreach (var element in canvas.Children.OfType<Image>())
            var elementName = Regex.Split(element.Name, "_");
            if (elementName[0] == "grass")
        var skewGrass = new DoubleAnimation
                From = 0,
                To = boundry,
                Duration = new Duration(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100)),
                RepeatBehavior = RepeatBehavior.Forever,
                EasingFunction = new BackEase(),
                AutoReverse = true
        element.BeginAnimation(SkewTransform.AngleXProperty, skewGrass);

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I am definatly getting grass as the first element, its just not performing the animation and that is what is causing me to me confused.


I don't see anything obviously wrong. What's the value of boundry? And 1/10 of a second is fairly fast, have you tried increasing the duration to see if it is just too fast for you to notice?

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