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Hey guys,

Today I came across a Beautiful Webpage! Well atleast I consider it to be. I hope most of you might have heard of Ed-Vantage programme by Microsoft; this website is for students from India.

Please take a look at it. You will see the pictures in the site move as you scroll. I have seen similar one at Acer Aspire R7 site. I have also seen some blogs that use a lake like background in which fishes seem to move while scrolling.

I wanted to know how such animations are created as we scroll. I am a complete newbie in terms of Website design and development. Please help me!

PS: Just did a google search and found it to be called as Parallax Scrolling Ex: Spotify. Please help me to create such beautiful sites.

Thanks in advance,


As you can imagine, helping you build a site via a resonse in a thread is not realistic. In addition, you may find that various members of this site have strengths in different areas of web development so asking a general question like "help be create this site" isnt going to result in getting much help.

You are better off, doing some research, start building the site and as you run into challanges, come back, post some of your code that you are having trouble with, and get help. Then go back build some more, come back, open a new thread and get more help.

Every once in a while, stop for a moment, and give someone else some help.

following that advice is more likely to get you to your goal.

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Thanks for the response. I was immediately attracted to websites that use Parallax Scrolling and so I posted here to get some help to start developing web pages. I just want the right direction to start with - like a tutorial that is simple to help newbies like me.


This site is really nice and looking awesome with animated objects. I love this site very much, using a reliable designing tool like adobe dreamweaver, photoshop, flash you can do a lot of innovative and attractive things which attracts people to your site.

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I think flash wasn't used here

just google 'jq parallax' , download one and play! They are quite simple if you take the time to read the sample or demo code, change a bit and view your changes. Do that a few times and you'll begin to understand how to integrate into a site.

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