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I wonder edit text / numbers that I have added to a listbox.

I to display the names in the listbox use this code
listBox1.DataSource = itemsfim;
To add one more name in the ListBox use:
itemsfim.Add ("Jorge - Portugal");

Now I would like to change in the visual listbox.
For example, take 2 clicks on the name and open a new form to change that name.

Can you give examples.

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I'm sure it could be done but it seems needlessly complicated. Have you considered using a combobox and putting the names in a droplist. That way reading the selected item is easy.


Well, I do not know that using the combobox.

Can you help what I asked? : S


A combobox can be filled just like the listbox and has the added advantage of using the selectionvaluechanged event whenever someone clicks on a line. If you set the dropdown style to simple the list will be visible like a textbox. Basically your trying to program a textbox to act like a combobox, which you've already got, and that will do what you're asking.

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