Hello, Im having a problem regarding on Array List.
I need to create an Array that gets information,
What inside the List are EmployeeID, LastName and FirstName
I need to store all EmployeeID,LastName and FirstName.
How can i do that?

Please Help, thanks in advance. :)

You could create your own class with properties named EmployeeID, LastName and FirstName and create a new list of the new class type or you could use a detached recordset. You could likely also create a database in memory as well using more modern techniques involving datasets/datatables, etc but I am not familiar enough with those to offer suggestions.

You could also create your own type using structure, and create an array of that type

How? i dont know how to create a multiple array. help me.

i know how to create a list of array

here is my existing code.

dim myList as New List(Of String)

selectquery = "SELECT EmployeeID FROM Employees"
cmd = New Oledbcommand(selectquery, con)
dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()

if dr.HasRows Then
    While dr.Read
    End While
End If

now, i dont know how can i add the First name and Last name in my List

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