i have vb6 project with cr8 and 10 , its correctly run on one pc what i need is to run this project on local netwrok , how i can do this and how i can edit the connection string and make .exe file ????

Help me plz

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I thing nothing to make extra. just make exe file. do you know how to make exe. file? make it and run it another pc. one thing, you need the support file in that pc. so its better if you make setup file. setup it and create the sortcut in this pc of your pc's exe.


VB, unlike Java, doesnt run on a virtual machine, the program needs to be installed so you will need a setup file.

I'm assuming you're using visual studios in which case you need to export the program.

To make the connection string editable, there needs to be a UI that allows the user to input their own connection string or something that equates to a connection string, for example

Select case inputConnectionString
    case A
        'connection string 1

    case B
        'connection string 2

Apologies for possible incorrect syntax as it has been a while since I've used VB but you get the idea.

1.  Make Exe of same project.
2.  Create a Setup File using Package and Deployment Wizard.
3.  Install it on Server machine where the exact database file is exist.
4.  Copy all DLL and OCX files of this Setup from Support Folder, Paste it on each client machine which are ini network.
5.  From the client machine's desktop accesss the server's path where the Setup is installed, 
6.  Right click on exe file of server machine, and make shortcut on client machine.
7.  Do all steps for all client machines.

Note    [Use the application path in your connection string to locate the database]
    [Also use only one shared folder for all crystal report's in the project, if you are using the crystal report's filename to show the reports]

when i Make Exe of same project the compile procces give this error "method or member data not found " CRviwer.report , what should i do ??


You need to make sure that all the reports is on the server OR on the machine that you are installing to. If it is going to run on a network, the reports has to be on the server AND your connection to the reports must refer back to the server as well.

Also make sure that the drivers for crystal reports has been installed on teh users pc.


thnx all , i make the execution file with the connection of the server name , but when i installed the .exe on the network machine it gives me this error "sql server dosnet exist or access denied" . what should i do ??


You need to setup the sql server correctly. That is an entire different topic from vb6 though. Have a llok at This link returned on google search. Just pick the one that will represent your sql server version.

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