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could u can plzzz,,,,,,,,,,,......

No. Do your own damn homework, and if you have a specific question or difficulty that doesn't amount to "I'm lazy, gimme gimme gimme", we'll be happy to assist.

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I guess it is to hard to read the rules

Great, computer shop project sounds like something interesting. Here is a fully working starting point for you ..

// Computer shop program (skeleton).
// Should compile cleanly on modern compilers.

#include <iostream>

int main()
    // The program begins, let's display a friendly title ..
    std::cout << "Welcome to the computer shop!" << '\n';

    // Todo: ... 

My boss likes to do that. Write the simple structure of code and then litter the hard parts with TODO comments for me to fill in. :rolleyes: It also doesn't help that we have wildly different opinions about simplicity and how code should be structured.


Boss??? You mean Dani??? Lol

I don't work for Daniweb full time; I'm actually a developer in my regular day job too. ;)

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