For instance , i need store a database of a student.i will get all the details through the respective fields like name , no , mark1 , mark2 , mark3 etc.. nw i need to save this information . how do i do it ?.

thanks :)

Saving to a database you will need a connection to the database. This is dependant on the database used (access, MySql, MS Sql etc.).

Once a connection has been established, you need to build a recordset (input from your respective fields) and then update the record, which will be a saved record in your database.

how can i do it in VB 2008? . i am making a student database like database in ms excel.
Other than the name and number of the students , for marks calculation i have separate coding.i am done with desing and coding part , like , you can enter the student details marks , avg , comments on his/her performance. now i need to save the database. like in ms excel spreadsheet ???
how can i make it?

First off your question should probably be in the forum. That being said here's some material on building a database in VB 2008, for you to read. Once you have some code that you have a hard time getting it to work let us know.

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Its a student database . contains the info of students like name , exam no , marks in different subjects, average ,total. The vb form window looks similar to MS excel spreadsheet. one form consist of details of 30 students.Now i need to save this window similar to saving a spreadsheet file in ms excel. how can i make it ?

am i making it clear ?

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