how to make a mdiform fixed size(can't be resized or maximize) as there is no property like border style in mdi.

declare 2 constants one for height and one for width and change the height and width in the resize event. Maximize will throw an error so you'll have to trap that.

so any solutions to restrict a form to be maximized ?

did a little more digging, set WindowState to vbNormal then set the height and width. maximize can fire but it'll snap back to normal and no resizing can take place.

Maximize will throw an error

thats the real problem that's why i created this thread

so any perfect solutions to do so . . .

Have a look at this link, some very helpful hints there.


you can grab a sample app from this link which works 100%

AndreRet (Always Right)
its working . . .

:) Only a pleasure. Please mark this as solved, thanx.

Happy coding.