ok so I have been given the following question:

Your team is required to build a working SAR system. The system should reflect the following:
1. It should be built using any appropriate technology you are familiar with.

However i'm not sure what is meant by SAR system, can someone explain what a SAR system is?

In a Linux/Unix system SAR is System Activity Report, which is part of the sysstat package. I don't know how you access this information in Windows, but in current Linux distributions, the information is in the virtual /proc directory, which is where the sysstat tools get it.

In any case, sar data includes stuff like cpu usage, memory usage, network stats, i/o stats, and a lot of other stuff. I just deployed a sar data collector for our data centers. Each data center (about 500 servers) generates about 350 million data points per day when collected in one minute intervals. It gives us a real-time view into the entire network and we are adding analytical tools so we can predict when systems will fail before they do (degraded metrics), or alert operations when a system is going sideways or crashes, all in real time.

so my case study is to build an attendance system, so how does it relate to a SAR system?