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Like I have this eBook called C Programming Language 2nd Edition

and It does not tell me where to write the programming codes.

Do you have to write It In a notepad?

Any text editor than makes just plain text files.

Here are some things that would work:


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Wait so your saying all programmers use basic note pads?

How do people launch the programs and make them work

like for example you design a photo editing software and you wanna launch the application you click on the application and It launches.

How Is a person suppose to launch a program If It's saved on a text?

Most programmers do NOT use Notepad or any other plain text editor, they use what's called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It includes a text editor, project editor, and the compiler (or ability to set up for some other compiler).

For MS-Windows and *nix I'd suggest Code::Blocks, you can download MS-Windows version free from here. If you don't already have a compiler installed on your computer (which you probably don't), you will want to download the version that includes MinGW compiler. Here is a YouTube tutorial how to get started using it. Although there are a lot of other IDEs, Code::Blocks is one of the easiest to learn how to use.

How Is a person suppose to launch a program If It's saved on a text?

The program is written as a text file. You could write it with notepad, you could write it with Visual Studio, you can write it with anything that makes text files.

The text file is then given to a compiler. The compiler turns it into a binary object file. It is no longer text. Now it is instructions for the computer.

That object file is given to a linker. The linker joins it to whatever other object files it needs to make it an executable file or a library.

Then it is finished.

If the above makes no sesne to you do no worry. A great many programmers do not know what a compiler or a linker is either.

A great many programmers do not know what a compiler or a linker is either.

Maybe I'm just an optimist, but I'd challenge that statement with the caveat that "programmer" refers to someone who has seriously attempted to learn programming and isn't a rank beginner. I find it difficult to believe that someone could actually learn C and not know what a compiler is at a high level.

Maybe 12-year-old don't know, but older students should. Isn't that taught in Programming 101?

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I see now I get It a little, I just got another ebook called.

C How To Program 6th edition by paul deitel

I'm gonna need much as refernce from those two eBooks I have now :)

Thanks for the help :D

Isn't that taught in Programming 101?

On the assumption that Programming 101 is some kind of introductory programming course (I seem to recall seeing 101 used in many North American films and the like in such a context), I wish it was, but there seems to be significant evidence to the contrary.

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