hi everyone. i have a problem here. not sure if this is the right area to post this in if not i apologize. i have charter communications for internet and with the internet came this cloud drive where you can download this software and it upload all of your personal stuff(music, videos ect) on the website to store it and you can then access it anywhere on any computer. well it was working fine and then last month i believe it stopped working it kept telling me that i needed to install the software again. so i installed the software again but it wouldn't let me install it. there was a message that kept popping up saying that software couldn't be installed. could not find file onlinebackup.installer tasks.install state. so i thought maybe if i tried to uninstall and reinstall it it would be fine. it wouldn't let me uninstall it at all. i can't repair it, reinstall it, uninstall it nothing. it won't let me do anything with the program. and i can't figure out why or what to do. if someone knows anything or how to get it working again please let me know. thank you.

This is why you should wait before submitting your data to "the cloud". It isn't ready for prime-time as yet! I hope you kept backup copies of your data... :-(