for the past few days i have been unable to make my optical drive read discs or do anything other than cause the computer to freeze. i have tried the drive with multiple different sata cables and in another computer, the drive works fine on the other computer but is unresponsive in my own. i dont use the drive very often so i am unsure as to when it stopped funtioning on my current build but at the moment the install of windows is a clean one, that was installed using it. typically what happens when i try to use it is the drive will get up to speed like normal, but then no autoplay shows up, so i will check my computer and the drive will show no capacity or that anything is in it, the loading bar will start but no matter how long i wait it never finishes, in addition, if i right click the drive the computer will freeze and explorer will stop responding. disconnecting the drive during such and instance will casue the computer to stabalize. what should i do?

my current setup is

windows 7 ultimate 64X
amd athlon 64 x dual core 3800
6144MB or ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT220
MSI Neo Mainboard

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assuming the connecting cable port on your computer is Ok and the cable link seems to be so then it would appear that the compter on relaising that a drive has been connected is trying to find a way of responding to that drive. usually it does this by either using its own internal software drivers (eg as in IDE / SATA drives or even MSDOS etc but if your drive is not stantdard then it has to use a driver that is specific to that drive and if that is not available you will probably get the symptoms you have. I suggest see if you can find what driver should be loaded and if it is available. If that does not sort out the problem then it is likely there is an electrical , but unlikely as it operates elsewhere.

Happened to me once with my old Samsung PATA Drive, found out my MOBO 's IDE connector was at fault, try having yours checked.

kunai_master... I am having the exact same issue that you had.  Would you mind telling me what the problem was?
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