Hi folks.

I am trying to learn J2EE and I am looking for a complete J2EE tutorials online. Plz suggest me some links where i can learn the J2EE completely(if not 100%, atleast 90%) . It will be pleasure if the tutorials are FREE as i cant afford to pay for the course. I know J2SE (JDBC, servelts and upto JSP). And i am very familiar with all core and advanced java basics .

Thanks in advance

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well, J2EE is a bit 'out of date'. since (not sure which version) it's just called JEE.
what are you lookint into learning exactly?
I doubt anyone will ever know "complete JEE" since JEE is more or less a 'collection of frameworks', while you usually only need to know one of them.
but then again, if you have learned to work with one, it's usually doable to learn the other, I guess.

EJB, Spring, ...
my guess, Spring would be a good way to start. it provides the functionallity that EJB provides, is modular built, so you can learn "module-by-module" instead of jumping into the "let's learn everything about it" story.

Spring official site

but my advice, don't just go for 'online tutorials'. the problem with those is that every yahoo out there can just post his "expert tutorial" online (I'm not saying there aren't good ones out there). look for books as well, for those, you can check the opinions of people who already read it and see if it actually is any good before you start with it.

thanks for the reply.. how about struts and hibernate??..

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