hello expertes
i have 2 tables , both having same table structure (i.e. same fields ) but having different Records. First Table for Male Candidate and another for Female Candidate.
both tables have 2 fields namely :- name and marks. Now i wanna write sql statement using adodb to perform the following:-

i wanna display all names(male and female) who secured at least 10 or higher.

Note:- i dont wanna use 2 recordsets for performing such a task . . .

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What code do you have so far?

You will be making use of inner join statement if you have primary keys set to your tables fields.

i opt the following to perform the task

con.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
con.Open App.Path & "\db.mdb"
rec.Open "Here i want select query to retrieve data from 2 tables", con, 2, 3
While (rec.EOF = False)
Print rec.Fields(0); Space(10); rec.Fields(1)
Set con = Nothing

i didnt set primary key on table and is it necessary to have primary keys to solve the problem ?
and i not much familiar with joins . . .

You want a UNION rather than a JOIN. Example:

SELECT * FROM Males   WHERE Mark > 50
SELECT * FROM Females WHERE Mark > 50

will return one recordset

Indeed, my bad. Thanx for the catch. :)
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