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Thanks very much.

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What are you after - vacuous post of the week award?

How about including some useful information like
- which OS
- which compiler
- which database(s)
- which API(s)

Not to mention....
- what have you tried already to solve the problem?

you can try google for ODBC

OS:Red Hat Linux9.2
Compiler:Gcc 3.X
But I am a fresh man and API(s) this is I want to know.For example,JDBC used to Java environment to links database(s),so I think maybe an API or others can used in C language.Thank you,Dragon and Salem.

I have known,This named Embedded SQL Programming.

If you are that new to C/C++ then maybe you should concentrate your efforts on learning the language instead of diving right into very deap waters that are far beyond your current knowledge and abilities. There is lots of information on www.mysql.com, including links to blogs and message boards. you will get more (better) information from them than you will here. For example you should study their documentation thoroughly, section 22 discusses API functions and libraries.

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