I have a question involving interaction with oracle. I have a program that submits data to a SSRS report which is pulling data from an oracle database. Basically what I need to do is have a string of text passed in and return all records where a job id field matches a number in that field. Typically my query would look like this

WHERE jobid IN ('id1', 'id2', 'id3')

However, this does not work when I pass the string in as a parameter. There for I am using the insr() function such as:

where instr(:jobid, ptqueue.qgp_id) > 0

This runs extremely slow. Does any one know how I can format the string in order to get the IN clause to work, or of an even better approach of doing this?

Oracle (like most databases) doesn't support passing in multiple values as a single parameter. So you are stuck doing one of two things:

1) Build the SQL statement dynamically, adding as many parameters as you need.
2) Create a function in Oracle that takes a string and splits it into multiple values and call the function in your SQL statement.