Hello i m the student of B.E ( Computer Systems ) ..
i have to submit my Final year project proposal within 1 month..

my teachers had concerned me to work on android..
but being an engineer student they want a hardware based project from my side..
i have to invoke atleast 40% hardware in my project...

i have got home automation idea using android but it has been given to some other student.
can any one suggest me a good idea for android project? (based on hardware)
Please help me out!
Reply must don't ignore please! :)

Thank you!

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Well, this may challenge you a bit but what if you do something like this:


Make something like their product except fully controlled by your phone. Or make an app that adjusts house lights from your phone.


but dear ...
as i have mentioned..
i am not allowed to do home automation..

kindly give some other idea?


Right, so your not allowed to do home automation.

How about making a flash drive? Would that count? I am sorry i dont specialize in hardware with a degree.

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dear ...
i didnt get your idea?
how to interface or invoke android with flash drive ?
i am confused:S


I am sorry, I was in my own thought... I was thinking hardware and I forgot about the android part of it.

Well, I am sorry if my opinions aren't very valuable (atm) but may I ask what hardwares come to your mind? I can probably think of something from the clue.

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