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I have developed delhpi software sql database invlove now want to convert it into web application hwo plz help me iam new in this .

Do you want to use your Delphi as a DataSnap server? Please give some more information about your application (technology), and what you want to convert it into.

sir i used Sql server Database and query some data from Delphi now want this sofware to be accessable around the world and data is about weather .i have first time encount such situation i have now idea about what to use but thier are soap and wsdl and datasnap serever avilable . any of these can be use sir plz guid me detail from step to step. if u want i can past the software to.
thanx in advance.

A DataSnap server is one option, you can write an ISAPI DLL, that's another. You can run either on an IIS server, so I suggest you investigate both options and decide from there. It depends on what you want to provide, how do you want your data to be accessible to others?

YOU have to make that choice, not me. Although I'd choose REST, which would be easy to implement using DataSnap.

ok then plz guid me through about how to use Datasnap to publish my data in webpage

sir would u like to share me REST component i ahve not install it in my pc

have you any web address where to download delphi 2009 completely.

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