Hello everyone, I hope someone can explain something to me.

Im a Junior Developer with very limited knowledge in VB.net, but I am self teaching. I will soon have projects to do whilst at work, and although my coding is pretty ok now, one thing eludes me, and I cant run from it any more.

Ok, so i have SQL server 2008 and Visual Studio 2010, I have set up a database within SQL called Sample1.

The Database is connected to my Windowsapplication in data connections. The next step is my issue:

How do I physically see the database on the windows form. Do I need to add a table myself? Can one be generated from the database? So my issue isnt in connecting the database to the application, its in actually interacting with the database on the form itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



There will be many different options for data manipulation.

You can use bound controls.

You can use GridViews.

You can use ListViews.

You can use Reporting.

Here is a very good article you might want to read. It will cover the basic concepts of databinding.

I hope this helps!

commented: good article. thanks +8
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