I was wondering if there were any good books or tutorials on how to use controls in ASP.net or Windows controls. (such as WinForm combobox, ASP dropdownbox, gridview, etc.) I remember in VB6.0 having a book that went over how to use many of the basic controls. But i don't see any. I've been looking online for help with some controls but all i can do is cut and paste what they provide. there is little explanation. Any suggestions?


Thanks very much for the links. I didn't see a lot on binding to a data source using the combobox but i think the link will prove very useful.

the BOL, I struggle with it and i try really hard to find it useful, but its a waste of time for me mostly. Its too much brief information and not enough examples. I find myself chasing red herrings when what i'm reading isn't what i need.

I'm also trying to figure out what WPF is all about. It seems to be a different animal i guess. I'm going to take a few more days reading up on it.

Thanks guys. if you have any more suggestions please post.

It is better to depend on online matrial than books, because online material is updated frquently and it is free to use . You can check the following asp.net tutorial http://asp.net-informations.com , it will help you a lot.



I didn't see a lot on binding to a data source using the combobox

From my first link: I selected ComboBox in C# and found enough info on datasource to help me out.
And of course MSDN library is for me the ultimate source of information. Try to search ComboBox datasource.

thanks guys! I really appreciate this information.

Happy to help, so you consider this solved?