I was wondering if there were any good books or tutorials on how to use controls in ASP.net or Windows controls. (such as WinForm combobox, ASP dropdownbox, gridview, etc.) I remember in VB6.0 having a book that went over how to use many of the basic controls. But i don't see any. I've been looking online for help with some controls but all i can do is cut and paste what they provide. there is little explanation. Any suggestions?


Thanks very much for the links. I didn't see a lot on binding to a data source using the combobox but i think the link will prove very useful.

the BOL, I struggle with it and i try really hard to find it useful, but its a waste of time for me mostly. Its too much brief information and not enough examples. I find myself chasing red herrings when what i'm reading isn't what i need.

I'm also trying to figure out what WPF is all about. It seems to be a different animal i guess. I'm going to take a few more days reading up on it.

Thanks guys. if you have any more suggestions please post.


I didn't see a lot on binding to a data source using the combobox

From my first link: I selected ComboBox in C# and found enough info on datasource to help me out.
And of course MSDN library is for me the ultimate source of information. Try to search ComboBox datasource.

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