Hi, so far i have created a program that has a checkbox option 'dont show this again'. When i check the option, the window not displayed again all goes well here. But the problem is when i have uninstalled the application and reinstall it again, the checkbox option window is still not displayed. Plz help how can i make it to display on every reinstallation, here is link from which i created this application- http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/19681/Add-a-Dont-show-this-dialog-again-Checkbox-with-mi
I am using vs studio 2008 express and inno setup.

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How are you recording whether or not the box should be shown again? You should undo this step when you peform and uninstallation.


Well when the user clicks the check box and hits whatever button to dismiss the window, what do you do in code? Just do the opposite of that...


I guess you somehow stored the info that the checkbox is checked. Just remove or delete that info.
Perhaps better show us the code how you did the store.


I decided to push the boat out and actually read the link, just in case this was something complicated.

Delete the registry entry it creates. It's that simple =/ (They even documented that fact)

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I have included the link. Plz see it. In my application, i have a windows form which has a reset button. By clicking it, i dont know what happens but message box is displayed again. Now i want to reset automatically when reinstalled but dont know what to do?

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