.ConnectionString = "Driver=MySQL ODBC 5.2a Driver; SERVER=localhost; UID=asdsadafg; PWD=sadsadsJFKSKF9; DATABASE=SampleDB; PORT=3306; OPTION= 1 + 2 + 8 + 32 + 2048 + 16384

can anyone explain the OPTION, what this connetion string will do... i have no idea.. please explain

It would appear to me OPTION is setting a series of flags. This article might help

Driver = "Your database drive depends on your database"
Server = "Use localhost when your not connecting to other Server. and use IP if you do."
UID = "User Identifier"
PWD = "is your password"
Database = "Is your Database name"
Port = "the port you are using . me i'm using 8080"

Option its not as much required.
these string is used to connect to a database

I am building a program that will be deploy to 3 computers and connected to a single database installed on 4th computer. When i created the connection string, he replied that option without explaining the values of the number.

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