Just some information about myself. I am a 42 year laptop technician returning to college majoring in an Application Development associates degree program at community college starting this summer 2013. I really need some information from the experienced programmers who have been in the job market market for a while. I have to choose application development in C# or application development in Java. Can you guys answer these questisons. Which one has the higher job demand and why? And what is the difference in the type of programming when working in each environment in the job field. Please explain I have to take programming I in about 30 days and have to choose to specialize in one of the language.

The world is going mobile. The most common language for mobile development is some version of Java (Android's Dalvek is a Java derivative - just a different virtual machine). C# is very much limited to Windows systems (the .NET infrastructure). My company does a lot of work with Windows mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc), and it still uses mostly Java for that stuff. So, I would advice a few things to study:

  1. UML for design and modeling of software.
  2. Java, Java Script, and WebApps for application programming on mobile devices.
  3. C++ and C for systems-level programming. I call Java C++ with training wheels... :-)

If you look at my profile, I have 30+ years professional experience in many aspects of software development, and my current position is as Senior Systems Engineer for a tier-one mobile phone company.

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