I am making a game in microoft visual basic. It is virtually finished, but I am having a problem. When you hit the start button a timer is activated making the character in the game equal mouse position. The problem is that the character is not actually going to the mouse position. It appears a distance a way from the mouse usually down and to the right. The distance is not the same every time, so I can't just offset the position of the character. The character still follows the mouse as it is supposed to, but it stays the same distance away from the mouse the entire time. Any way to fix this?

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You'll have to show how you're finding the mouse position. Most likely the rectangle holding the image is much bigger than the image. You could try resizing the rectangle, or calculating the center of the image and use that as an offset.

One way to make the character appear to follow the mouse, is change the mouse cursor to the character image, thus the image is automatically centered on the cursor.

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The picturebox the image is in is only 20,20 it is at least several hundred points off the mouse.

'change this to whatever image you're using.
Dim RedPiece As New Bitmap(My.Resources.Red)

'set the cursor property to equal the new cursor, whenever you want to change it.
Dim RedCursor As Cursor
RedCursor = New Cursor(RedPiece.GetHicon)
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