I'm actually running a system using visual studio 2006 professional edition but i can't load it because of the po up erro activeX component can't create the object? What will I do? I'm using a windows 7 64 bit OS..

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First off I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as Visual Studio 2006. If there was, something that old probably isn't designed to run on a 64 bit OS. Try using the latest Express edition instead

I mean the vb 6.0. I already dowbloades activeX control and register it. nothing happenned. Still I can't open the system. ut repeatedly says activeX component can't create the object.

How I wish VB 6.0 was 2006.. ahaha.. anyway, what does the title on the error says?

For 64Bit OS make sure that you run and install your vb6 app with admin rights.

VB6 that's even worse. I'm not sure if it's available for 64 bit but you could try the XPMode. It will run most software that will run in XP. I've used this analogy before, what you're doing is like running a marathon with a ball and chain attached to your ankle.

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