I have xampp and MS Visual Studio 2010

I used mysqlconnector to connect to my database (MySql.Data.dll)

I just wanna know the whole step, from adding the item up to creating a new connection. T_T

can't see any steps from the web that can be followed exactly the same. T_T

help please..

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Have you looked at Walkthrough: Creating a ReportViewer Report?
It seems to be step by step right from creating the form, to connecting to the database, to adding and formatting items. The sidebar on that page also includes links to quite a few other walkthroughs having to do with the reportwiewer.

hello Sir Tinstaafl. I'm gonna try that now. :)

what is this AdventureWorks2008 Database?

what am i going to enter in the server name?


To use this walkthrough, you must have access to the AdventureWorks2008 sample database. The query used in this walkthrough will not work with an earlier version of AdventureWorks. For more information about how to get the AdventureWorks2008 sample database, see Walkthrough: Installing the AdventureWorks Database.

This walkthrough assumes that you are familiar with Transaction-SQL queries and ADO.NET DataSet and DataTable objects.

so, it is necessary? so that I can access the database i created? okay2 I will install that now. :D

I am so confused. I have mysql(xampp) and created a database there. I've already connected to that database with my vb.net and can access it. why do I have to have this adventureworks? please explain it to me.

because what I want to do is, SELECT items from my database in xampp and display the items in a form. and when I press a button, the items on that form will be transfered in a reportviewer. so that from that reportviewer I can print and save the file as an excel file.

am I confusing? just ask me. thank you.. :)

or is it possible that the items in a form can be saved in an excel file by just a single click of a button?

The idea of a walkthrough is to familiarize you with the steps needed to accomplish a specific task. By installing the other database you will be able to follow all the instructions verbatim. You can try using your own database and adapt the instructions accordingly that's up to you. Usually though when you're learning something new like this, it's better to have a working sample to copy from.

You have several options, the easiest would probably be to use a datatable to store the data you've selected. If you need to show the data to the user you can bind a datagridview to the table and it will display the data. You can also export that data to a file. .xml or .csv are probably the easiest formats to export to, that excel can read.

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