when i'm giving some string to search in the data base, ms access, that search is going to be ignoring case. i want case sensitivity. how..?
ex: if i would like to search for the word "Done", if there is no that word, and "DONE" is available in the database, then it is treating both as same. how to avoid this.

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Show the code you're using to do the search.

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Show the code you're using to do the search.

For q As Integer = 0 To spl.Length - 1

            s = "select san from dictionary where tinglish ='" & spl(q) & "'"

        cmd = New OdbcCommand(san, cn)
        dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()
        If (dr.Read()) Then
            singl(q) = dr.GetString(0)
        End If
        nsinglishstring = Join(singl)
    Next q

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