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My friend just made one dynamic website in Asp.net but after the complete development he want to change complete website in HTML. So please suggest me any tools in a market that can replace to complete dynamic website into HTML. Please suggest me how we can do that?

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To do this, you will lose ALL server code and ASP.Net code.

To do this, simply remove all the code above and save as html, or load into a browser > view source > save as doc.html


You could probably use cURL or wget to produce a copy of the site.

These utilities are commandline HTTP clients. They'll see what a web browser normally sees, enabling you to capture HTML, JavaScript, stylesheets, and images. Dynamically generated content may also be captured, but any server-side code that generated it will not. Your ASP.NET code isn't visible to web clients, so it will be excluded.

In order to produce a copy of the dynamically generated content you'll need to have a running ASP.NET site for the HTTP clients to crawl. If you have content that isn't linked in some way then you may need to provide the crawlers a sitemap.

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