I am looking to make an application that allow me to view remote desktop on my local application without interferring the user. In simple words i want to monitor the user activity on the remote machine. So please give me some suggestions about the same.

Is there any particular reason you want to write it yourself? There are many applications out there that perform the same task.

Morally speaking, as I don't know you, I'd be rather reluctant to help you here. Something like this could be built, deployed and used in a malicious fashion.

If you still want to go ahead (you may have legitimate reasons after all) you might be better checking out the C forum. You will need to at least write a driver to intercept the video output. I believe this is how VNC works.

See i am a developer. We develop CTI solutions for call center. We are looking to develop an application that will allow the admin to view the activty of the call center agent. I hope you understood the requirement. Please give me some suggestion. Thanks a lot for your reply.

There are many solutions already out there that will be cheaper than the time it will take you to write your own.

If you really do want to write your own you will need to learn the RFB Protocol and you will have to visit the C forums (not C#) in order to write a driver that will allow you to do this.

Please let me know about some solutions about the same.I dont want to make user to know that i am monitioring his desktop.

Ok there's a program called RealVNC, it's free for personal use but you will need to pay for commerical purposes. It's about $300 for 10 Remote PC's and 5 people to monitor them. I believe you pay a lot more for the client licences (the viewers) than you do for the servers (which you would install at your call centre).

Of course as this is for Call Centre Solutions, you could probably recoup this cost as part of a "remote support" fee or something...

RealVNC can be configured to be "invisible" to the user and so long as you don't activate remote input, you can sit and watch everything they do without them knowing you are watching. Be warned that unless you warn the user (as part of their contract) you can get in a lot of legal trouble for just installing this on machines and watching them without telling them. This is especially true in Europe due to the enhanced privacy laws.

My old company used to use this software for remote support. There are other versions such as UltraVNC etc. If you search for VNC software you should get some hits, but I believe RealVNC is the most popular.

Can you provide some free solution for it??? Thanks a lot for your reply.

Just a free solution. Inside a Windows Active Directory Domain, you can set a Group Policy to stablish the user level rules for remote control, being able to see what is doing the users, even without user permission.

Anyway, the practice to 'supervise' what the user is doing, without his/her knowledge, in most countires is considered delictive (to spy) when the user is not advertised first that this can happen, and also signs a document allowing it.

Be careful.

"There is no need to create any new remote support application as there are already big players in this market such as RHUB, logmein, GoSupportNow etc. They provide both Technology and Support required for remote support. However, if you really want to do it yourself, you may consider using the following technology built in browser:

  1. Flash

  2. WebRTC from Google, which only applies to Chrome though.

  3. Or develop plug-ins in C++ for different browsers. This is the most expensive direction but also is the most flexible direction."

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