joshl_1995 22 Twisted Digital

Hello Community,
I'm trying to make a way to post data to my php file located on my website, I tried it on my Windows 8 laptop; it worked fine, then tried it out on my Windows 7 laptop and for some reason it won't work. I have gone through so many test to find the bug and I'm sure it's got something to do with the get response command because I set a try function and had a look in the error (ex.ToString) and the first error was the get response command, there are more errors but I think the get response error caused them, for the ex.Message it comes back saying "The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly" so I have no idea what is causing it.

I have attached the file I'm working with to test the post function, for you to fiddle around with.

Please help, I have been trying to fix this for about 4 hours now. (Currently 3:19 am)