Hi. I have an app whose source code I have lost, and now I need to do some modifications to it. I used .net reflector to retrieve the source code from the .exe file, and managed to extract the code from the main forms. I pasted the code in a .vb file, and although there were no errors, the form designer was blank, (shows a blank form).

How can I compile the program having only the source code from the forms? Let me know if I need to send you the source code for more details..

Any help appreciated!

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You might need to edit the designer file directly. If intellisense isn't returning any errors then the controls are probably declared but not added. It might be easier to build a new form with the controls you need and named properly and copy and paste the code into the new form.


Glad you got it working. And thank you for sharing your solution. Please remember to mark this solved. Thanks.

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