Hey guys, I'm tring to develop an android application which will solve differentiation and intgration problems and show the steps to solving it. Like a learning tool for students. But the thing is i cant find a algo which will help me on solving integration. can u guys please help me by pointing me into right direction

Pull out your calculus book and create a list of different kinds(solved using different methods) of integration problems then teach your app how to identify each one individualy. Now that your app can discern between different "kinds" of problems you can teach it how to solve each of them. I suggest starting with the simplest on of the form C1 x^n + C2 x^(n-1) + . . . + Cn = 0 which integrates to C1/(n+1) x^(n+1) + C2/(n) x^n + . . . + Cn x + Cn+1 = 0

Also you may want to look into https://code.google.com/p/javacalculus/ to reduce the amount of system design you have to do.

Good Luck.