ihave 26 tables wanna to build 26 select statements from the tables, so i will have 26 diffrent result of select, but the columes' names have the same names in 26 tables with diffrent data, iwant to bind all data from 26 selects in one datagridview can i do that ? and how to do it ?

please helpe me with code

Best Regard,,,

Are these tables on different databases? If not you could look at using a UNION in your Select statement to give all the results in one query.

OR you can create a new blank Datatable that is a clone of one of the existing tables and populate with each of your twenty six results to get a single datatable.

yah, i want to do that make one datatable for 26 result, can you please guid me for some codes to do it ? i will be very thankfull ;)