I am creating a pageant scoring system.

I managed to display the field names from different tables :

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The first column "Participants" is from Participant table and the succeeding columns is looped from the Criteria table.

This is the code:

Private Sub CreateDataEntry(ByVal CatID As Integer)
Me.CriteriaTableAdapter.FillByCategory(Me.PSSdbDataSet.Criteria, CatID)


' construct data entry
' first column (participants)
Dim nc As New DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
nc.Name = "Participants"
nc.Width = 250
nc.ReadOnly = True
nc = Nothing
' succeeding columns (criteria)
For Each drCriteria As DataRow In Me.PSSdbDataSet.Criteria.Rows
    nc = New DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
    nc.Name = drCriteria("Cri_desc") & Chr(13) & drCriteria("Cri_percent") & "%"
    nc.HeaderText = drCriteria("Cri_desc") & " " & drCriteria("Cri_percent") & "%"
    nc.Width = 100
End Sub

Now, how can I fill the participant's row from the database? and the Criteria rows must be blank so I can input scores.. Thanks.

This must be the expected result:

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My suggestion would be to join the tables from the backend then pass the joined row to your DataGridView.

For example:

"SELECT pt.Participant, cr.Chri_Percent FROM Participants pt, Chriteria cr WHERE pt.UniqueIDValue = cr.UniqueIDValue"

This will bind the two data rows into one data row.

This WILL require a one to one relationship in the tables.

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