i need to know if i can scan an image or any file from vb6 form then save it to my database, if yes how i can do it ??

thanx in advance...

Have you done any research yourself?

Anywhom - by scan do you mean upload/open a file?

i am not sure what do you mean by scan here. is it uploading a file ? or is it scanning using scanner ?

for saving files to the database:-
ther are many ways to achieve that but what i used when i was working on vb6 was that

save the image file (renamed image file uniquely) to specific directory and then save the name of the file to the database table field.

i need to scan an file using scanner in my vb form..

have a look at Here.

hope this article may help you . . .

This depends on the scanner’s driver that you want to use. If the scanner has a standard Twain driver, you can use the basic Twain functions from Twain Working group, but this somewhat low-level. You can find more information here:

If you don’t want to deal with the low-level interface, you can find some samples on the internet that use SDKs such as this project which uses leadtools.

Hope this help & good luck.