can you help me code in VB6 a return command in returning the book that had been borrowed..tnx..need it asap. :(.

a very simple code will do..

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I understand the urgency, but have you tried anything yet? Please post whatever codes you've got going already. Just wondering is it php or Visual basic?

Wrong forum???
That aside, it would be difficult to answer this without knowing any of the schema, structure, and code of your program.

moved to the Visual Basic 4/5/6 forum...

thanks JorgeM.. you are the best :).

to get the answer you just need to introduce your table structure with some data in it ?
then we will try to solve this issue.

tnx for all the replies...
Ive done barrowing and adding new book

My only problem is when the user return the book

i have two datagrid one is for the borrowed and one is for the books.. AND I have the remaks in and out when the user return the book it should in the datagrid books and the remaks should change to IN...

help me how?tnx

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