i want to know what should i do first , or the main points that i should start with
pleaes help me :(

Project: General Distribution Center

     This project aims to develop a C++ program that support a General Distribution Center using object oriented concept. The General Distribution Center has a Name, and two kinds of customers: Factories that offering the products and Individual customers who are looking for products. 

 For each Individual customer a customer ID, a Name, an Address, and a Phone Number. Each Factory customer has a customer ID, a Name, and an address. Factories advertise production line that consist of a product ID, a product Name, a product Price, Special offer that is a special price for wholesale orders and the Date of availability of the product. Factories can Create, Modify, and Delete product. The General Distribution Center stores the customers in an array and can Create, Modify, and Delete customer.

Hint: start with create two classes: Individual class and Factory class.

Did you start coding the Individual and Factory classes yet?

Well, the instructor's hint at the bottom definitely seems to be the place to start, really. I would pick the Individual class first, as it is the simpler of the two; it's really little more than POD, with no methods other than maybe getters and setters.

The Factory class is a bit more involved, as the Factory objects have to be able to mananage their product lines. How you represent the product lines is something of an open question; the easiest solution is to have a simple Product class, consisting of the properties given in the instructions, and have an array or vector<> of Products to hold the given product lines.

The last class you want to define will be for the DistributionCenter itself. This will mostly consist of two arrays - one for the Factory objects and the other for the Individual customers. You will also want methods to add, modify, and remove the elements of these arrays.

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thank u so much ♥♥
i'll start doing my code , and if i need some help i'll show you my code to help me ♥